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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Become a Supporter and Teething

I have mentioned many times the website It is the site I discovered and turned to after my diagnosis. It's a terrifying situation and you really want to hear that it can turn out well. I found that site and was assigned a support woman who had went through it all. She endured all the things I have. Her daughter the last I heard is two. I have lost touch with her. She went through it all though and has a little girl who is about 3 now. My Gabbi is almost 14 months if you can believe it. Time has flown. I want to give back what I was given and that is a shred of hope. That is the whole point of my blog really. In the beginning it was more of an outlet for me. Now, it is that but also a way for me to reach even one woman who gets this awful diagnosis. I got the information packet from and am planning on putting my name in to be a support person. I hadn't done it yet simply because of Gabbi being so young, I just didn't know if I'd have the time to be able to help as much as I'd want. I think she's big enough now that I can spare the time to become more involved with that site.

Gabriella is teething now too. She's got 6 teeth but she's cutting four more large back ones. Now I know there are non parents reading. This probably seems dreadfully boring to you. Well let me tell you, teething may seem boring but tell that to my baby girl who decided to stay up until 6:30 a.m. the other night. Between lack of sleep and an excessive amount of infomercials I may just be going crazy! ;) haha Well she did better last night. I gave her some teething tablets I picked up at the pharmacy. I didn't hold out too much hope since ibuprofen didn't seem to help too much. Well it worked. She has been able to sleep for two nights. I am crossing my fingers that it continues to work!!!


MaryAnne said...

teething tablets have been a major lifesaver with both my kids, I don't get how they work, but I'm very grateful!

Sandi said...

Yes they seem to really work and I am just wondering how. They are totally natural they say on the box...with no side effects. It made her sleep. I am so thankful!

Paul Eilers said...

Fortunately for us, our little man has not had many problems with teething. No pain or fevers.

But he did wake us up this morning at 4:30 a.m. because he had soaked his diaper and wet the bed.