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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wasn't Going to Post This But.....

I decided to submit a song to a contest on myspace. I seriously saw the link, recorded the song and clicked submit. I didn't rehearse it so I realize it's not 100% perfect BUT the thing is I need 100 views to even be entered. I am having a hard time getting there, so if you would click the link, share it, listen, comment, I would love it. I enjoy singing. It is one of my things. It's a contest to win concert tickets to see Pink and also meet her. I think it would be fun but of course I do NOT expect to win. I am not delusional but you know, it would be nice to be at least entered. There are like several 3rd place prizes I think. Feel free to comment. I think the only part I am not happy with is at the very end I came in late. I didn't think it was worth doing the whole thing over again...but now I am kinda stressing that I should have! lol Oh well. I have 10 songs on there. Feel free to click the other ones too. I love comments and constructive criticism as well. I am just glad I can sing and breathe again!!

Here is the link:


Paul Eilers said...

Okay, I clicked it for ya!

We are to simply make a joyful noise. That's all that matters.

Even if it is in the shower!

Posh Totty said...

Iv clicked the link for you too, good luck :) Xxx