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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Acid Reflux? GERD?

I believe Gabriella has some bad acid reflux. I mean to the point of possibly being GERD. She seems for the most part ok during the day. Since she was born she has had issues with occasional bouts of frequent swallowing/liquid sounds in her throat. It was worse when laying on her back. I actually elevated her to change her diapers. I switched her to soy formula at 3 weeks because of stomach issues and later she was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. We are supposed to have tests this week to see if she is still allergic. The thing is she has issues at night. She will wake up and when she wakes up you see her swallowing a lot. Nothing is coming out but she is swallowing and seems uncomfortable. I hold her upright and she'll fall back to sleep pretty quick. The doctor has put her on Zantac. She's been on it now for about 2 weeks but she's still occasionally waking up with this problem. She has seen the doc twice and he believes it is GERD. She is 16 months. I'd really like her to outgrow this. I feel sorry for her and can almost feel the acid in my throat. Poor baby! I haven't dealt with acid like this in any of my other children. I guess I'd love some hints, tips and advice from any parent who has dealt with this. Does this sound like reflux? It does seem worse after bottles. Yes she is still taking a bottle but I am cutting back hardcore. She takes smaller bottles and I am trying to not let her have much to drink near bedtime. I admit it's been difficult because she fusses. I would love to have some information on how to handle this from a mom who has been there. Or a dad!!


Ali said...

my daughter started on zantac at about 6 weeks old or so. they did a barium milk bottle and did a scan to verify that it was reflux before prescribing the medication. she was much much better off when she had the medication. She is now 18 months and we are hoping she is all done with the zantac by 24 months or sooner.
she had silent reflux which means she did not spit up, so yes, there was a lot of swallowing sounds going on after she ate bottles. she fussed if you laid her down after eating, which makes sense, the acid and milk just comes right back up in their throats.

Hayley/Shu Fen said...

ooh, i can't help u cus i'm only 19 but i pray that they well soon! :)

Jennifer Nordin, LMT, CPT said...

Has your daughter been vaccinated recently? Digestive complications often occur shortly after some vaccinations. If you are interested in some essential oils that are helpful for digestion, just drop me a note in the Ask the Aromatherapist communication box on my sidebar.
Be well, Jen