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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Removed the No Follow Code on My Blog and Silent Reflux

I have wondered about it for ages but was afraid of messing up anything on my template. After much reading and research I realized it was actually pretty easy. Not only that but I added a top commenters widget! From what I gather it spreads the linky love. I love my readers and commenters so here is my way of paying you back. So, leave me comments. It does make my day to read them.

I received a comment on my last post about Silent Reflux and I am just positive that is what Gabriella has and always has. It can cause a certain spasm that I think she gets only rarely but it does happen. I am trying to remember how to spell this. Laryngospams? I am reading this and I think this is what on occasion happens when this reflux creeps up on her. It seems like Zantac is the way to go. We are starting with this and I need to make some changes food wise. She has the milk allergy which I hear can go hand in hand with reflux. So I am just going to really study the things that make it worse because I hate reflux! I cannot imagine dealing it with like she does. The soy milk she drinks absolutely makes it worse than anything else she eats. So I have been seriously cutting back on that. Otherwise we'll see how it goes. I appreciate the comments and I am so glad that now I really feel like I can help Gabriella and hopefully she'll outgrow this reflux soon.


Sandee said...

Welcome to do follow. Link love is very nice indeed.

About the silent reflux (never heard of it), but I do hope she outgrows it. Kids often do.

Have a terrific day Sandi. :)

skywind said...

We can change the code so that your blog unique.
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Tim said...

Sandi, you are the second person i have seen post about this follow link thing. can you explain what this means? Im a bit confused. I apologize in advance for my ignorance.

Love and Prayers,


Bill said...

Yeah it makes people want to comment more when you are a do follow blog. Have a great week Sandi.

Chris said...

I did the same to my blog months ago and I noticed that I have a slight increase in comments. I don't know if I can attribute that to removing the no follow but hey. Having people actively participate on my blog is nice.

Andrea said...

My son has this pretty bad. He is on Zantac and sometimes Mylanta as a back up. He is 8 months old...teething has proven to make the reflux the worst ever. Can be very frustrating. If you have any questions feel free to write me Goofichic1972 at yahoo dot com :)

Moms On The Go said...

What a story you have, great blog. I am glad you choose to share your experience with us.

My son has extremely bad reflux he is 3 months old and in and out of the hospital, always changing meds and formulas. It is so sad for little ones to have to deal with this