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Friday, March 27, 2009

Sometimes Absent Minded and Chemo Fog

I sometimes get awards or tags, which I love but don't have time to do them at that precise moment. So I save the notice I get in my e-mail of the comment it came in. I do this several times and guess what? They are lost in a sea of e-mails. Well I got a tag recently that I did want to do. It was the handwriting one. I cannot remember who sent it! If it was you, let me know. I think this one was particularly fun. I do get absent minded sometimes.

I read about something called "chemo fog or chemo brain". I have no idea if it's really true or not but sometimes I do wonder if the fact that I find it easy to just forget things might not be a prolonged side effect of the chemo. Then again, I just like to have something to blame it on! I don't think the hubby is falling for it.

More on Chemo Fog later....


Mommy Jes said...

hi it was me....i gave you 3 awards already, that penmanship thing-y and sisterhood award =) hehehehe =)

here's the link

heheheh =)

thnks for dropping by for my daughgter's awards

Beth L. Gainer said...


I am moved by your courage and the intense treatment you went through, especially being young and pregnant. And congrats on being done with treatments!!

I am a breast cancer survivor, and chemobrain is alive and well. Chemo causes cognitive impairment. In my case, my short-term memory is still affected -- even 8 years after treatment. I am still trying to accept the new "me," and I am blessed with all the gifts I still have.

I blog about self-advocacy and navigating the medical system. Please visit and comment on my Calling the Shots blog if you wish. I'd really like you to check it out: