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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Confusion With Doctors Appointments and Thieving Credit Card Companies

It's confusing because not everything I have to get done is with the same doctor! I was scheduled for my regular follow up with my regular doctor. OK. That seems easy enough but then he also scheduled me for a CAT scan and an ECHO. Each of those were with other doctors. So when they called to reschedule my appointment I just assumed the date was rescheduled no trouble. Now that I sit here and ponder it, the more I realize they probably just changed my oncology appointment and not the tests. So I am going to have to call today. I also need to call my credit card company. You wouldn't believe (or maybe you would) what they are doing to me. I paid them with a cashier's check. They are saying they didn't get it yet I have the cashed copy of the check. My bank found it and has given it to us and we faxed copies of all the paperwork to them. I have called them. I cannot understand anyone I talk to. I am terrible understanding accents. It's a flaw in myself but knowing that does me no good. I am forwarded from person to person to person on the phone that I can not understand. Then they hung up on me! So I keep e-mailing them from my online account and there only response is that I need to call!

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