Monday, October 6, 2008

The Falling Leaves

I love this time of year, when each day a few more leaves fall off the trees. As long as there are no terribly windy storms or bad rains, we'll get to see a vast array of colors as the cold starts to set in and the leaves change and then fall from the trees. I decided to start taking one picture per week of the pretty trees in my backyard. It will document how many leaves fall per week and how much color change there is. I have some pretty trees back there. I will probably take pictures of other areas with a lot of colorful trees too just so I don't miss any of that beauty.'s so gorgeous here this time of year. The corn is coming down for harvest and you can see for miles across the empty fields. Pumpkins by the semi full keep making their way through my town. It really gives the whole fall feeling.

Here is the promised picture.