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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

He's Staring at Me!

I got home from picking up the kids from school today only to hear a scream coming from the back bedroom shortly after walking in the door. I am used to this having 4 daughters. Ear piercing wails are pretty much the norm. So I rarely react with too much excitement. My middle child Mikayla said there was a preying mantis on her bedroom window. Upon walking into the room, she saw just a huge shadow of this interesting creature. We have a pull down shade on a large window in her room. The sun was shining very brightly so all you could see was this large shadow of a giant bug. She got the courage up somehow to lift the blind. He was on the outside of the window. I have always been fascinated by these insects. I was always a bug girl as a kid. I liked my princess crowns, with a cricket in the other hand. Yes, it's true. I liked bugs. I don't touch them now but looking is still fascinating to me. If you have never had the privilege (hee hee) of seeing a preying mantis at close range, you have no idea how odd it is. These bugs really do resemble an alien. They have this wide, almost upside down tear dropped shaped head, and they stare at you. I like tapping the window off to the side where he is not looking, because he turns his head slowly, exorcist style towards you, as if saying "Don't mess with me." Trust me. I won't be messing with him anytime soon.

Oh and here is another cute pic of Gabbi I just took :) I can't help myself. And if you are subscribed I am sorry if you got this post 100 times. I had to keep editing it because the pictures were cutting off my words.


homeskoolmommy said...

How precious!

Dorsey said...

I used to be a bug chick too...not anymore. HA!

btw, I have an award waiting for you: