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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Forgot to Mention

My appointment is on October 9th. I love my doctor. It's honestly really nice to see him and all the nurses. They watched me go from a whopping 92 pounds....I think since it was the last time I had weighed myself after I got sick, to around 127 pounds right before I delivered. The doc was thrilled about it of course. I mean, you see a patient come in. You know she just found out she was pregnant and you have the job of telling her she has cancer. I was a bag of bones. That was probably pretty scary for him and hard to do. I respect every nurse and doctor there more than they can possibly know. I am at a good weight now for me. So I have no complaints. I think the oncologist's office as a whole loves seeing how healthy I look compared to before and quite honestly Gabriella is a little celebrity there. How would you feel as a nurse administering chemo drugs into a visibly pregnant patient? I always imagined that was hard for them at least at first. I don't know though. So little is really known about chemo during pregnancy. If you do any research at all on pregnancy and cancer together, you'll absolutely find the website That site helped SO much. I found a supporter through that site who helped me so much. I have since lost touch with her and her blog vanished. I find it SO odd because she was a faithful blogger. Anyway, that site is great and I plan on becoming a supporter now myself. I just need to watch this DVD they sent me on how to do it. I need to get this done. More than anything I want to give back what everyone gave me. Hope. Just remember me on follow up day. My nerves are just awful usually around that time. Last time I had a nightmare the week before that it came back. I dreamt the doc took hubby into a seperate to tell him first. It was horrifying. I think I feel a little less afraid this time around. I am not quite sure why. I am up way too late. Time for bed!


AudreyO said...

Hi, I'm Audrey from the mom blogs. I can't even imagine what you've been through. It sounds like your doctors are awesome. My dad had some incredible doctors. They called him their miracle patient. His doctor has since retired, but wow, what a man he was. My dad thank god is now cancer free about 5 years.

Sandi said...

That's great news. Glad your dad is cancer free. I do love my doctor and nurses. They were awesome through the whole thing.

Marie said...

Sandi, your story is amazing! Gabriella is just beautiful and a true miracle of God. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Please come back soon! Best of luck at the doc's office this week! I'll be praying that everything is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

hi sandi! marie is right, you're story is amazing and you are amazing too. i admire your courage and i will include you and gabriella in my prayers.

thanks for stopping by, i will definitely come back here.


Sandi said...

thanks so much liza! I appreciate the comment and the prayers.