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Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Night and a Preggo Pic!

I was going through my pics and found a picture of me big and pregnant. I was still going through treatments here. The second pic is of me yesterday. I am so glad it wasn't too hard to get the weight off. I really didn't need that added worry. Though I did lose a lot of weight during the whole beginning I really did gain quite a bit. I started sick at around 92 pounds and ended up at around 127. It's a decent weight gain. I am only 5'2". I'm a shorty! My oncologist told that contrary to popular belief the chemo drugs can make you gain weight. I was terrified at that point.

Anyone watching a local football game tonight? I mentioned in an earlier post that MY school and my kids current school are playing against each other tonight. They are both undefeated at this point. My husband just called to say they are tied zero to zero at half time! The totally funny thing that I had forgotten until today is that years ago when I was a freshmen or sophomore my school was so small we didn't have enough students for a football team. We consolidated JUST the football team with my kids current school. That only lasted for about a year or two. It didn't work out but it's pretty cool. The kids playing against each other tonight used to be one team. :) It's all confusing I know!

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Anonymous said...

I see you live in Illinois. I grew up it Ill in a town called Jacksonville. Have a great weekend.