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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Is it already October 5th?

Where does the time go. I am eager to go out and buy the kids some Halloween costumes. My middle child Mikayla wants to be Bo Peep and dress up the baby as a sheep. haha That would be cute if I knew where to get the costumes.

It really does seem this year has flown right by. I have been in remission since February. I think I'll have to celebrate at the one year mark. It seems like a requirement to me. haha I am so thankful. I am anxious for my appointment. It's this week. I cannot really believe it honestly. For those who are new to my blog, I was on the local news on two channels out of two cities. My oncologist was interviewed for the news so when we go there everyone remembers us. I think even new nurses know us because of it. It just gets me excited when I go because those docs and nurses know just how much of a miracle Gabriella really is!

Fall is under way and I am definitely going to be taking some pictures of the changing leaves. I am thinking I might start taking one picture per week...then put them all together. That would be really interesting I think. Definitely cool! I have two beautiful slightly different colored maple trees (I think) in my back yard. Maybe I'll do those two. It would be a neat thing to see how much they change each week!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!!