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Friday, October 10, 2008

I Think I Want to Do it All

I said earlier I am somewhat of an artist. I love to draw. Compared to my friend Bethany over at Happy to be Called a Mommy I don't feel quite as talented but she is the one who inspired me to take my talent further than I had at the time. I love to draw. I wish I put MORE time into it. I tend to let it sit for long periods of time. I use a technique called gridding to help get proportions right. To anyone who may think this is in any way cheating....well it's not. I don't think people really think that much these days. It's merely a tool to help get accurate proportions. If you haven't got the talent you won't be able to do much good with it. You may have an outline. You still have to fill it all in with shading and detail. This method is not really that easy in itself. You have to draw a very light grid with PERFECT squares to match the grid you have on your photo reference. Getting these squares perfect is a time consuming job that isn't as easy as you may think. Other things that I love to do besides drawing are singing, crocheting, cross stitching, reading and well I am sure there is more. Well it's time for me to go into mommy mode and get the kids to school. Enjoy my pictures. I hope it gives you insight into what I do.


Dorsey said...

Beautiful!!! I tried to teach my son this technique when he had to draw a state bird, he got it..for all of about 15 minutes. ugh!

Erin Tales said...

Gorgeous drawings!

Unknown said...

These are wonderful! You are very talented.

Anonymous said...

Wow :)) Nice sketches..
Teach your this drawing skill to your kids too..

Only artist's live happy life without any hopes that's why i love all artists :)

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to see these drawings again! It'd be great if you found something new to draw soon!
Maybe you could try drawing Gabriella!

Sandi said...

actually Bethany I am doing a portrait of a little boy for a friend. It's a memorial portrait. I didn't want to post it, because I hadn't asked her or shown her my progress on it yet. I'll get her permission before I post it on here. I might show you in e-mail or something though :)

YANZ said...

really beautiful drawings! you're really talented =D

wish i could draw that well, but i just don't have the patience =D