Monday, October 6, 2008

Football Anyone?

This Friday will be an interesting game for me. I have lived in my current town now, since February. We bought a house here. It was like a new beginning for me since 2007 was such a hard year. I am enjoying this town. The school is not a bad one, even though I did just rant about my kids not learning their math at school. I'm just irritated. I get over things pretty quickly though. haha Anyway my girls really have the team spirit here. Last week was our homecoming and I think the score ended in the upper 60' ZIP. We are undefeated. I love that feeling. I haven't been able to make it to any games. I do keep track of the scores and I watch the news and look at the web for updates. With the baby, it's just too cold to go out to the games. The hubby goes though. He fills me in. The big deal about this game? They are playing MY school. The school I went to from Kindergarten until I graduated. I was a lucky girl. I got to go to one school from Kindergarten to 8th. Then I attended my highschool Freshmen and Sophomore year. We then consolidated with a nearby town, moving my school 6 miles to a new building. The school did change names but it was still the same school system. This is my team. I was on the Pom Pon squad...did the school dance with my shiny pom pons. They are a great team. The football team there has always been great. They are undefeated this year. They are going head to head Friday night. Both undefeated. Now. Who should I feel more loyalty to? This is hard! I want to support my kids school, my town and in some ways that's where I lean towards. Then I think about MY school. I can't help but feel loyalty to them too. What are your thoughts?