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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nothing Seems to Want to Work

I have been trying to log on to a Entrecard all day today and yesterday and it's just not doing much. If you don't use it, and you blog, you should look into it. So far I have enjoyed it immensley. I can't seem to get on there though. I am getting slightly annoyed about it too.

I tried to update my template here on blogger. I didn't really want to use the same old templates available to everyone who uses this site. I found a site with some gorgeous templates and thought it would be great to use one. Well, after I saved it, extracted it, and uploaded it, blogger then asked me to confirm the deletion of allllll the things I added. Widgets, pictures, everything that I added to the sides. I couldn't do that...obviously. So I didn't change anything. If anyone out there has some tips on how to change the layout without messing up the things I have added, it would be great! I am just glad blogger warned me first.
I had more technical difficulties but they aren't all that interesting so I'll just leave that alone.

It's Saturday. I am tired today. My very good friend Diana stopped by last night with her hubby and two friends. We sang some karaoke in my basement. I have a large DJ/karaoke rig in my basement. It literally is a professional setup. We have had a whole lot of fun with it. I love to sing as I have stated before. Last night though my throat was beginning to hurt just a bit. I also was feeling pressure in my neck. Yes I get scared when I feel pressure there but it seems to be related to my neck/muscle tension. Regardless I sang a couple of songs and on the third one my throat began to tickle. I felt this tickle and wanted to cough. I knew I needed to cough but people were listening to me sing. I tried to wait for a break in the song to no avail. I turned and then proceed to hack and cough pretty much utnil my eyes turned red and watery. Now that my friends, is talent. LOL =/

Here's a video of me singing it up if you are interested. Oh and this is in my basement. ;) I couldn't figure out WHICH video to post. I have SEVERAL on youtube. Feel free to look around. haha


Anonymous said...

You're still a fantastic singer! Just tell people you turn away from the mic to breate ;) Someday I'll be in your front row. Your new pic is beaaauuuuuteeeeeful!

Anonymous said...

Entrecard has been in the crapper for me for at least two days, it's frustrating! I hope you get the other kinks worked out and have a great weekend!
Nice karaoke, Jewel brings me back to high school!

Sandi said...

Thank you. I am not sure what X Factor is! lol I'll look it up. And thanks for the compliments. I am glad I am not the only one having entrecard problems. It's driving me batty. haha

Jenni said...

I have been having issues with entrecard too! It seems to be okay at the moment!

Anonymous said...

Entrecard was doing the same thing to me for past couple of days,although today it's quite working properly.
btw,i got here thr themomblogs forum.

Sandi said...

I see that it is indeed working now. Thank goodness. I was actually getting irritated that every time I went I couldn't get on. When I did it was so slow I gave up. I bet the site is just getting more and more traffic causing it to crash. Welcome to my blog by the way :)