Monday, October 6, 2008

Long Day

It wasn't such a bad day this morning. Gabriella and I did our usual thing. I did some cleaning and things were honestly pretty relaxed. Then my older 3 got home from school. I picked them up and when I was picking up my 6 year old I heard grinding. Grinding sounds coming from your car = NOT GOOD. So, I am kinda wondering what that sound is. I hope it's not bad brakes. I actually lost all brakes back in the olden days...when I was like 17. My brakes went out on my car about oh...100 feet from railroad tracks. Yeah. Scary. Anyway. I'm still alive so it turned out ok evidently. haha Anyway that was problem number one. Then, I get home and my 8 year old has an F on a math paper. I get stressed and blame myself for these things. I have helped her with it so many times. My 11 year old is having to learn if numbers are divisible by other numbers blah blah blah. So I have to basically TEACH her everything. Do they not teach at school?? haha I have so many other things going on. I want to help her but I am not just *helping* her. I am reading her entire lesson and going over the WHOLE thing with her and showing her exactly how to do it, even throwing in my old hints and tips. I feel like I may as well be homeschooling all of them. That's just my stress for today. Then my cable went out for a couple of hours. Now, Gabriella is fussy. So, I am off to put her to bed. I hope I can get about 2 seconds to relax tonight!